Red copper is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant,corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant and other physical and chemical properties in one, the compact molecular structure of red copper and precision manufacturing process, so that the product life up to more than 70 years, with high cost performance

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What are the core advantages of red copper pipe fittings?

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The great influence of copper on the history of human civilization is unmatched by any material. Copper is the first widely used metal. Its role is so great that there are two stages in the history of human civilization named after its alloy: Bronze Age and sub bronze age. Today, copper is still the third largest amount of polymetallic in the world, second only to iron and aluminum. Without copper, modern life would be unimaginable. From the fields of industry, daily necessities, architectural decoration and even art, copper is everywhere. This paper analyzes the copper industry chain in detail from the aspects of mining, production, consumption, downstream application, price factors and so on, which is a necessary material for copper industry researchers.

Copper is one of the earliest metals discovered by human beings, and also one of the very good pure metals. It is slightly hard, extremely tough, wear-resistant, and has good ductility. At the same time, it has good thermal and electrical conductivity, good formability, and easy processing. Compared with iron and aluminum, copper is a relatively rare element, only 0.005% in the crust, while iron and aluminum are 5% and 8% respectively. Pure copper is light rose or light red. After the formation of copper oxide film on the surface, the appearance is copper. Copper, atomic number 29, atomic weight 63.54, specific gravity 8.9 (al 2.7, Fe 7.9, Pb 11.3, Au 19.3), melting point 1083 ℃ (Pb 327, Al 660, Fe 1536). The element symbol Cu is the abbreviation of its Latin name cuprum.

Copper has many valuable physical and chemical properties. The main point is that its conductivity is much higher than that of other base metals and iron, only silver exceeds it. Similarly, its thermal conductivity is much higher than that of other metals except silver. Usually, copper has strong corrosion resistance, which has been proved by its application in architecture and sculpture for thousands of years. Copper exposed in the air for a period of time, after oxidation, the surface will form a light green copper film, once the film is formed, the internal metal will play a permanent protection. Copper is resistant to organic acids and alkalis (except ammonia water), so it can be buried underground or immersed in water without corrosion.

What are the core advantages of red copper pipe fittings produced by copper step?

1. Health and safety:

① Red copper can inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the drinking water clean;

② Cold extrusion seamless process, no leakage, connection strength of 1500 n, Zui large working pressure of more than 60 kg;

③ Obtained "Zhejiang Province involving drinking water hygiene and safety products hygiene license approval.".

2. Explosion proof and durable:

① Red copper has the physical and chemical properties of cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance;

② The burst pressure test is more than 100kg, and the service life of the product is more than 100 years.

3. Quick installation:

① Automatic locking, one plug can be;

② Detachable and reusable;

③ After installation, the pipe fitting can rotate 360 degrees at will.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection:

① No carbon installation, no welding;

② The pipe wall is thin and smooth, the flow pressure is small, and the material and energy consumption are saved.