Red copper is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant,corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant and other physical and chemical properties in one, the compact molecular structure of red copper and precision manufacturing process, so that the product life up to more than 70 years, with high cost performance

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Tocom red copper water purification solution Red metal with a green face
Natural sterilization, inhibition of bacterial growth, health; Release trace amounts of copper ions to improve human metabolism.
Using high quality TP2 seamless copper pipe as raw material, copper content is 9.9%.
The lining is smooth Copper tube performance is stable, and will not react with substances in the water to form carbonic acid complex and other impurities, effectively avoid scaling, with water purification.
Two-silver electrode welding, the maximum pressure can reach 230 kg. Service life of more than 100 years,beyond the building service life, metal materials are not easy to aging.
The welding thickness is thin to ensure that the inner diameter does not change.
Copper tube elongation 240%, and easy to bend, swelling, not easy to burst.
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