Red copper is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant,corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant and other physical and chemical properties in one, the compact molecular structure of red copper and precision manufacturing process, so that the product life up to more than 70 years, with high cost performance

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Several important viewpoints on the popularity of copper water pipes

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Copper pipe has a long history in building water supply engineering. Archaeologists once found a copper pipe 4500 years ago in the Egyptian pyramids, and it can still be used. In modern society, copper water pipes are widely used in buildings in developed countries for the advantages of sanitation and sterilization, durability, beauty and reliability, easy installation, good cost performance and environmental protection, etc.

The emergence of SARS and avian influenza makes people pay more and more attention to their own living conditions and health problems. Water is an essential necessity in life, and water pipe has become an important factor closely related to water quality. Copper pipe has the characteristics of inhibiting the growth of bacteria, which is very important to keep the domestic water clean. The method of maintaining the normal copper demand of human body is not only obtained from the diet, but also the method worthy of reference is to install copper pipes at home, which is one of the economic and convenient ways to supplement copper, which is worthy of popularization and application in a large range.

With the improvement of living standards and aesthetic standards, people pay more attention to the interior design of houses. The common people spent their savings to buy a house and decorated it with painstaking efforts. The purpose is to have a beautiful home, look comfortable and live comfortably. In modern home decoration, we attach great importance to the appearance of pipes. The use of copper pipe material as water pipe is not only once and for all in long-term use, but also can achieve the purpose of upgrading grade, adding luster and color. First of all, the shape of copper pipe is beautiful and durable. The various shapes of copper pipe, especially the gorgeous feeling of users, are incomparable with other pipes. In addition, due to the thin wall of copper pipe, the inner pipe diameter is larger. When used as wall type water pipe device, it can reduce the depth of hollowed wall, and indirectly contribute to the increase of space and beauty of living room. Copper is one of the few non-ferrous metals. Copper and its alloys can be orange red, golden yellow, cyan and silvery white respectively. Copper is compatible with other metals. According to the personalized requirements of users, nickel, silver and gold can be plated on the surface of copper tubes to achieve different aesthetic effects.

In recent years, there are many complaints that the environmental protection index of household materials exceeds the standard, which affects the health of residents. The copper water pipe is corrosion-resistant and will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality. It can be recycled almost 100%. The copper water pipe will not release toxic gas in the fire, which is incomparable with the plastic pipe and is an excellent green environmental protection building material. The popularity of copper water pipes is inevitable in the environment where the whole society is concerned about environmental protection.

In a word, copper water pipe has the irreplaceable performance advantages of safety, reliability, health, durability, beauty and environmental protection, and has been proved to be very suitable for people to use.