Red copper is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant,corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant and other physical and chemical properties in one, the compact molecular structure of red copper and precision manufacturing process, so that the product life up to more than 70 years, with high cost performance

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Types of pipe materials in home decoration market

Release Time:2020-09-19 10:33:43 Browse:381times

Home decoration market:

With the economic growth, people pay attention to health and pursue the quality of life. Copper pipe manufacturers are optimistic about the home decoration market. It is predicted that copper pipe will have growth potential in the home decoration market, and the consumption of home decoration market will be higher than that of tooling market in the future. Water supply pipe, HVAC water pipe, ground heating pipe, solar water system pipe, air conditioning connecting pipe;

Proportion of pipe materials in home decoration market: PPR plastic pipe (98%) vs copper pipe (7-8000 tons, 2%)